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Turn data into insights—no code or infrastructure required. With Less, operators and analysts spend less time waiting for answers, and more time solving problems.

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Precise answers. In exactly no time.

The days of waiting for the IT team to run the numbers? They're numbered. With Less, you always have insights in reach.


Connect everything

Showing how you can connect all your tools with Less

Get your disjointed data working together. Less integrates any and every data source.


Analyze anything

Drag-and-drop interface

With a simple drag and drop interface, anyone can use Less to find answers.


Automate the rest

The options for scheduling your Less assets

Refresh data pulls, send weekly email recaps, and more—all with one-click automation.

Stop waiting. Start solving.

Less removes the roadblocks between you and your data.



Stiching data

Discovering insights

"Hi IT - can you help me..."

Fully managed infrastructure

Mess of local files

One shared destination to work with data

Data inaccuracy

Trusted numbers and auditable process

Manual processes

Fully automed processes

Expensive developers

Enable self-serve

Slow time-to-insight

Know what's happening in your business right now

No code. No Lag.

Built on Kubernetes and featuring our own custom-built, in-memory Rust engine, Less delivers blazing-fast performance, whether you're working with 10 rows of data or 10 million.

Secure storage.

Less' fully managed storage infrastructure creates a secure environment for you and your team to collaborate around data.

It's easy to get started.

With built-in templates for dozens of popular workflows, Less makes getting started even faster.
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