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At Less, we want to clear away the clutter of broken data processes and outdated systems so that doers are free to do what they do best: Roll up their sleeves and solve problems.

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Our mission is to empower everyone to discover insights in business data

Everyone in an organization should have the power to use data—not just to find answers to known questions, but to see new possibilities. To serendipitously discover new paths to drive the business forward. 

Less empowers everyone to turn data into insights. Less seamlessly merges data from across all business systems and allows anyone to build and automate workflows. No code or infrastructure required.

We built Less because we’re doers too. Our ambition is to create tools that strip away the inefficiencies of working with data. We believe that if you want to do more, start with Less.

Launched in 2022, Less is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our manifesto
(Yes, we have a manifesto)

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Less is for the doers. For the curious. For the scrappy builders, analysts, and operators who keep the business world turning. There’s no limit to their drive and hustle. And with Less, no limit to what they can do with data. No slow processes. No disjointed systems. Because there’s a new business problem every day.

And the best thing we can do is clear the way. So that doers can do what they were born to do. Start solving problems.

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