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Less is the name we use for both our company and product.

In other words, our domain less.tech is not the name we use for our company or product. Please capitalize both words when referring to sub-products or features of Less, such as Less Canvas or Less Connectors.


Choosing Less.

When choosing our brand name, we wanted a relatively simple, one or two syllables word, an affordable domain, and, most importantly, a word that reflected our mission.

As we came across Less, we knew we found something special. Less is the embodiment of what we want to build within data analytics. It is in opposition to 10 years of tool fragmentation of analytics. It is in contrast to overcomplicated processes in which 10 different people have to be involved before spinning up a database. Finally, it reflects our approach to building Less. We want to remove the clutter and be in contrast to the many analytics tools that feels like using Windows 200. In sum, less complexity - whether technical or human - and more focus on creating cool things with data.

We ended up buying the domain minutes after coming across Less.


When space permits, please use our logotype.

To ensure that our logo always looks its best, it needs some breathing space. This space, measured as the width/height of the icon, creates a buffer zone that separates the logo from other elements and enhances its visibility and impact.

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Introducing "The Spark".

"The Spark" is more than just our logo—it's what we stand for. It symbolizes how we enable doers to get going, like the spark that ignites action. It also represents those moments of insight that lead to big ideas, all while reminding us of our goal to do more with less, as shown by the < symbol within it.


We utilize a range of shades but the six colors below form the foundation of our color palette.













The Tool

Our main graphic device.

The Tool is a central part of our product and brand. It is the visual element that our users use to connect their data results on the Less Canvas.

In our communication the tool is used to highlight certain words or features, mimicking the interaction pattern of the product.

The different renders of the tool based on its context