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No code analysis

Save countless hours every month on data workflows. With our browser-based canvas, anyone can build custom analyses in just a few minutes.

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Effortlessly combine data sources

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Simply drag and drop your data sources onto the canvas and start building your workflow.


Total transparency

Total transparency with comments and view of underlying data

Less shows you the raw data at every stage of your analysis, so you always know what’s informing your insights.


Automate everything

Options for scheduling workflows and connectors

Once you’ve built a workflow, Less enables you to automate at the click of a button. Refresh data pulls, send weekly email recaps, and more.

How customers are using Less

Income Statement
Easily consolidate and prepare complex financial reporting with our powerful tool, designed for accuracy, customization and efficiency. Simplify your financial reporting process and gain insightful, comprehensive overviews of your business's financial health in just a few clicks.
Marketing consolidation
Integrate with OpenAI

Advanced functionality

Don't let the simple interface fool you. Less is backed by advanced technical features that enable powerful customization.

API: Get or send data everywhere

Row Warning: Automate your data quality testing

Built-in scheduling

Native notifications

REST API: Interact with Less from anywhere