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Data analytics can be complex and expensive. Less is an all-in-one, no-code platform that empowers anyone to find answers with data.
From Source to Insight.


Less is a data analytics tool that helps you get to insights fast. Instantly pull in structured data, store it without ever configuring databases and create answers without ever touching code.



You probably use some other software. Like HubSpot, Google Analytics or even a database like MySQL

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Extract all the data you have stored in systems without any coding at all

Extracting data with Less



Built-in storage means saving your data without struggling with databases and servers



Create custom insights with our drag-and-drag tool. No coding whatsoever

Like dragging this...



Visualize your results in your favorite tool


Say hi to the Canvas


The Canvas is where the magic happens. Drag-and-drop Actions to transform your raw data into exactly the answer you're looking for.

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Step-by-step transformation. Very few people loves nested SQL queries or index match formulas. With the Canvas, all your data transformations are built sequentially. That means never loosing track of what you're working on.

Live changes. View what happens with your data at every step. Any unexpected changes and you'll see it right away.

Integrated scheduling. When your work is complete, schedule it to run as often as you want. Create new tables with the output action or simply leave the data model without an output.

All data.
No coding.

Select your source, log in and your data is ready for analysis. No coding, no downloading .csv files every other week, no struggling with maintaining APIs.

Don't see the Connector you need? Fill out this form and we'll build it without cost.

See more here.

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Storage by default

Storing data is a must. Less comes with built-in storage, so you don't have to worry about configuring servers.
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More of Less

There are tons of cool things to discover in Less. These are a few of them.

External Database

If you prefer using Less with a database you manage, we got you covered. Linking to an external database can be done in a matter of minutes.

Endlessly Scalable

All tasks are running in the cloud. That means never waiting for Connectors to update and no Monday mornings with never-ending queues of running data models.

Custom Connectors

You can create and schedule custom connectors if you have an internal tool you want to connect to or simply want to utilize the power of Python.

Connect Anywhere

You can easily connect to Less databases. All database credentials are available so you can use the data flowing through Less in any other tool.

Download .csv

For the Excel-warrios in your team. All models and Connector tables can be downloaded as .csv files with a few clicks.


You can easily edit the inbound security rules for Less databases. That means you are in full control of who can access your database.

Evergrowing Actions

Remove rows with a Filter, join tables with Combin or convert nested JSON with Parse JSON. Actions can handle all data transformation - if you need something we can't cover, let us know and we'll build it.

See more here

Full Ownership

All the data you store in Less is entirely yours. We don't own anything. If you want to leave and bring your database with you, we'll help you do it.

Secure by Design

Less automatically spins up in a single-tenant environment when onboarding new users. So everyone with your email-domain will work in the same cluster - and no one else. That's fancy tech-talk for saying your data is secured.

Ready for Less?

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